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Financial Forms
DateForm IDDescriptionDepartment
7/24/2013FS01101F Scholarship Award FormACCTG
5/28/2014FS01102F Prize and Award FormACCTG
5/9/2006FS01103F Certification of Receipt of GoodsACCTG
12/4/2014FS01104F Approval for Alcohol PurchaseACCTG
5/29/2014FS01105F Vendor Data RecordACCTG
3/14/2006FS01106F Fixed Asset - Transfer of Fixed AssetACCTG
8/13/2003FS01107F Fixed Asset - Asset Disposition FormACCTG
1/24/2006FS01108F Purchasing Card - Public Relations ExpenseACCTG
11/1/2005FS01109F Office Max - Fax FormACCTG
9/26/2011FS01110F Petty Cash FormACCTG
8/13/2003FS01110F 2Petty Cash - Public Relation ExpenseACCTG
5/28/2014FS01111F Disbursement Voucher ACCTG
1/28/2009FS01111IDisbursement Voucher Instructions OFFICE 2007 ONLYACCTG
2/4/2010FS01111L Number Generator for MAC (Disbursement Voucher, Request for PO, Travel Form)ACCTG
2/4/2010FS01112FPurchase Order Request Form with automated WRPO#ACCTG
5/7/2004FS01112F 2Purchase Order Request Form ( for MAC - Use the "Number Generator" )ACCTG
1/1/2015FS01112F 3Purchase Order - Sole Source JustificationACCTG
2/4/2010FS01112LNumber Generator for MAC ( Disbursement Voucher, Request for PO, Travel Form)ACCTG
5/28/2014FS01116F Consultant Form Services Greater Than $5,000 Used For Foundation Program Accounts ACCTG
5/28/2014FS01117F Service Invoice Form (Payment of Individual Services Less Than or Equal to $5,000ACCTG
8/13/2003FS01119F Grid of Allowable/Unallowable expendituresPublicACCTG
9/9/2009FS01120F 1Conditional Waiver and Release Upon Progress PaymentACCTG
9/9/2009FS01120F 2Unconditional Waiver and Release Upon Final PaymentACCTG
9/9/2009FS01120F 3Unconditional Waiver and Release Upon Progress PaymentACCTG
7/15/2010FS01121FPurchasing Card Setup FormACCTG
9/9/2009FS01122FPurchasing Card Change LimitsACCTG
9/9/2009FS01123FPurchasing Card Certification of Receipt of GoodsACCTG
10/29/2012FS01124F1Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Sign upACCTG
5/10/2013FS01124F2Electronic Fund Transfer-Terms & ConditionsACCTG
2/22/2011FS01125FApplication to hold a RaffleACCTG
12/1/2010FS01126FNon Profit Raffle ReportACCTG
8/7/2014FS01127FFellowship and Stipend Notice & AcknowledgmentACCTG
1/8/2015FS02101F Travel Authorization and Expense Report FormGF
5/27/2004FS02103F Journal Entry FormGF
7/13/2004FS02104F Change Request FormGF
8/13/2003FS02105F Request For InvoiceGF
2/16/2011FS02106F Deposit SlipGF
8/7/2007FS02107F Change Fund Request FormGF
5/8/2007FS02108F Acceptance of Gifts FormGF
2/4/2010FS02110F IDT (use the IDT Number Generator if using a Mac)GF
2/4/2010FS02110L IDT Number GeneratorGF
4/11/2011FS02111I17i Desk Manual for Month-end Reports CampusGF
4/11/2011FS02111I27i Desk Manual for Month-end Reports EnterpriseGF
11/24/2009FS02111I37i Foundation IFAS 7i Dashboard Overview 20091101GF
9/1/2014FS02111I4Online Grants & Contacts Reports Manual (For Budget and Expenditure Reports) GF
3/10/2011FS02112FCommodity Transaction ReportGF
2/25/2014FS03101D Object Code ListingsFS
5/20/2005FS03103D Fund Code DescriptionFS
8/6/2014FS03104D Object Code Definition 5000 FS
8/6/2014FS03104D Object Code Definition 6000-7000 FS
5/23/2007FS03108F Wire Transfer Request FormFS
2/12/2014FS03111F Foundation Program/Endowment AgreementFS
2/4/2010FS03112F URPA Signature CardFS
6/21/2006FS03113F Petty Cash ProceduresFS
2/22/2013FS03121F Account Change RequestFS
6/20/2006FS03122F Petty Cash Custodian FormFS
6/20/2006FS03123F Petty Cash Count FormFS
6/20/2006FS03124F Project Agreement: Admin, Enterprise and R.E.FS
1/1/2011FS05112L Java Version 6 Update 24 for KronosMIS
12/15/2005FS06102F Volunteer and Consent FormRM
11/2/2006FS06103F Incident Report FormRM
4/5/2012FS06104F Student Travel PacketRM
7/25/2012FS06105F Waiver of Liab and Hold Harmless AgreementRM
10/22/2012FS07102FStandard Service Agreement(AGMT 102) - MS WORDAGMT
10/22/2012FS07102F2Standard Service Agreement(AGMT 102) - PDFAGMT
4/5/2013FS07103FFacilities Use Agreement(AGMT 103)AGMT
7/9/2014FS08100FCPPF Endowment Donor Contract ProgramDEV
7/9/2014FS08101FCPPF Endowment Donor Contract ScholarshipDEV
7/9/2014FS08102FCPPF Pledge Donation Agreement FormDEV
6/1/2012FS08103IDonation Request Guidelines and InformationDEV
6/1/2012FS08104FDonation Request FormDEV
6/16/2014FS08105FCO Naming/Recognition Agreement-Programs-CentersDEV
6/16/2014FS08106FCO Naming/Recognition Agreement-Facilities-BldgsDEV
6/16/2014FS08107FCO Naming/Recognition Agreement-Interior Minor Ext SpacesDEV