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Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc. was created to provide services and to augment procedures which aid the educational process at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.  The purpose of the Foundation is to “eliminate the undue difficulty that would otherwise arise under the usual governmental budgetary, purchasing, and other fiscal controls”.  The Foundation is the fiscal agent authorized by the University to administer all externally funded activities. The services Foundation provides include review of contracts for consistency with established internal policy, agency regulations, and external governing law.  Following acceptance of a contract, we provide full-fiscal support utilizing our accounting and reporting system; preparation of fiscal reports for all project directors and funding agencies; collection and disbursement of funds for research and educational projects; monitoring to assure programmatic reports are submitted to the agency; and immediate and continuing assistance to project directors in interpreting rules of funding agencies and contract specifications.  Full-fiscal support for external projects includes administration, payroll, and Employment Services.

Mission statement

The mission of the Office of Grants and Contracts is to contribute to the integrity of the Foundation and the University by maintaining the highest standards in financial and administrative support services for sponsored programs. The Office of Grants and Contracts is committed to providing personalized services, generating goodwill, and providing support that enhances the effectiveness of programs and the development of new opportunities.


  • Provide excellent services to our customers.
  • Maintain the highest ethical, professional, and financial standards.
  • Promote an environment that is conductive to efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Maintain positive and productive working relations with the Foundation and with our customers.
  • Develop new opportunities and support the expansion of existing programs.
  • Be identified as an integral part of the Foundation and the University.
  • Contribute to the financial well being of the Foundation.


If you have any questions regarding policies regarding externally funded agreements, our staff will be happy to assist you. 

Debbie Schroeder-Linthicum
Manager, Grants and Contracts
(909) 869-2961

Leticia Torres
Grants and Contracts Technician
(909) 869-2915

Lily Maciel
Grants and Contracts Technician
(909) 869-3304